Sunday, March 21, 2010

Offshore Pelagic tour 20th March

Hi All

Peter Langlands was on the tour and posted this species list and report on the birding forum:

On Saturday seven birders went out on the Albatross Encounter extended offshore pelagic. Going as far as 20 nm miles SE off Kaikoura Peninsula the trip was an outstanding success- The highlight was the sighting of Cook's, soft-plumaged and mottled petrel with the additional sighting of a FOURTH Cookilaria which may very well be a Gould's Petrel ( I have photos and will post them tomorrow when I get home). This was our finest hour- they came through in a short space of time in morning.
The trip list for the day ( from 8am- 3pm) is as follows
5 Northern royal albatross
2 Southern royal albatross
1 Gibsons albatross
1 Antipodean albatross ( immature)
1 black browed albatross- Campbell Island 10 NZ white -capped albatross
3 Salvin's albatross
3 Southern Buller's albatross
5 northern giant petrel
5 westland black petrel
15 white chinned petrel
10 cape pigeon (nominate)
3 Diving petrel
2 Fariry Prions
50 Huttons shearwater
10 bullers shearwater
1 Sooty Shearwater
5 Short tailed shearwater
6 Wilsons storm petrel
5 Brown skua- chased wandering albatross - ambition !!!
1 Pomarine skua
3 arctic skua
3 black billed gull - 10 miles offshore
5 black fronted tern up to 20 miles offshore

Thanks to Gary for being the skipper- a great day. Took 16 GB of photos !!!

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