Saturday, August 7, 2010

All day Pelagic Report

Hi All

Here is Gary's report from the all-day pelagic tour that took place on the 31st of July. It looks like it was a great success and we will look at puttin gon a spring all-day tour around the spring equinox.

Heading out at 0630 into the dark and headed 120 on the compass. The forecast was not good but that didn't deter the the regular deep sea commandos that have come on every deep sea pelagic that we have done so far. As we got out the North swell started to build but no wind and as it got lighter we witnessed a spectacular red sky which is usual with a nor west forecast. We arrived at 0745hrs at the 18 N.Miles mark off shore that we visited in March that went so well, put the bait in the water and waited with coffee and hot chocolate,chatting while the hard core keept a sharp look out.

We stayed for 3hours at the out side range and had Royals, Black-brows, Shy's, Bullers, but no Wandering and very few Cape petrel which seemed a bit strange. Some great views of Grey faced and westland petrels.

Wind still holding off so we worked our way inshore with a few more stops on the way.
Found a fishing boat off the Conway river and spent some time with them and had the big numbers but still very few Wanderings (2).

One more stop on the inside bank off the Conway and last chance to get a Grey petrel or
Antarctic Fulmar and just as we stopped the cry when up “Fulmar” but it was the only one. The reason that we didn't get many of the other birds was probably the off shore breeze but it was an enjoyable trip and the wind held off and no one was sea sick.